About Ag Connections

Ag Connections develops and continuously updates crop management software solutions that make our clients’ lives easier and their farms more efficient and compliant. Our experienced crop management specialists help farmers get these systems up and running with a mix of on-site training, web-based training, video tutorials, and friendly, knowledgeable phone support.

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  • Data-Privacy

    Data Privacy

    Ag Connections has built its reputation as a valued partner of growers through its protection of grower data. Click here to read more about our policies.

  • About - Recent News

    Recent News

    When you are moving as quickly as we are, there’s a lot to keep up with. Check out our most recent company events, press and crop management product developments.

  • About - Our Team

    Our Team

    Welcome to the Ag Connections family. Under our roof we have decades of farming, agricultural retail, software development, and agricultural science experience. Our focus is always on the people, crops, and management systems so that we can provide solutions that will make crop production information management simple and easy.

  • About - Integrations


    The ability for our software to communicate to other systems is critical to information management into the future. Operational efficiencies are generated with the ability to take data from our system, send it to other software systems, collect additional data and then bring it data back into the Land.db system.

  • About - Technology & Rd

    Technology R&D

    More than just software development, Ag Connections is constantly assessing the evolving needs of our clients and the agriculture industry as a whole and responding with consistently improving software offerings. We are very committed to continuous research and development for our existing products and new technologies that will keep us, and our clients, at the forefront of the industry.

  • About - Markets & Products

    Markets & Products

    Ag Connection’s software products are engineered to simplify the management of crop production information and address a wide range of needs from the development of crop plans for product quality and capital forecasting, to inventory management to compliance issues. 

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Meet the Team

Joe Ben Bogle

Joe Ben Bogle has been a part of the Ag Connections team since 2004. He…

Joe Ben Bogle