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Ag Connections develops and continuously updates crop management software solutions that make our clients’ lives easier and their farms more efficient and compliant. Our experienced crop management specialists help farmers get these systems up and running with a mix of on-site training, web-based training, video tutorials, and friendly, knowledgeable phone support.

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  • Where is production agriculture information management technology headed? Nov 18, 2011

    Knowing your numbers is a key part of knowing your profitability. When we are required to report information to our business partners, when our banker needs production cost budgets and when we need to make marketing decisions, the only way we can do that efficiently is if we “know the numbers”. The problem with knowing your numbers is that you need to collect data and to have that data accessible in order to be able to summarize and make decisions from the data.

  • What’s New in Land.db: Field Category Cost Summary Report. Nov 14, 2011

    A new financial report has been added to Land.db that provides users a way of comparing costs on a field to field basis.  The Field Category Cost Summary Report allows you to quickly and easily view cost on each individual field, as well as looking at cost on a per acre basis for that field.

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