• Cory Gilbert

    Cory Gilbert - [Sales Representative]

    Office: 270-435-4369 ext. 233

    Cory Gilbert began his career at Ag Connections in March of 2009 as a part-time student worker. Upon graduating from college, Cory moved to Hopkinsville and worked in the sales and finance industry. In August of 2011 Cory rejoined the Ag Connections team as a support specialist. In this position, Cory is responsible for handling client issues and concerns. His previous knowledge of Ag Connection’s products and services has made for an easy transition into the support role.

    Cory graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition with an emphasis on Consumer Nutrition.  While at Murray State, Cory participated in numerous intramural sports, as well as being involved with the Student Nutrition Association.

    Cory has been around farming his whole life and has a broad understanding of agricultural practices varying from dairy farming operations to row cropping. These understandings help Cory relate to the Ag Connections customer base and recognize how important information management can be in agriculture.

  • Jeff Peake

    Jeff Peake - [Key Account Manager]

    Office: 270-435-4369 ext. 233

    Jeff Peake joined the Ag Connections team in August 2007. Currently he serves as the Ag Connections Coastal Business Manager and Key Account Manager. In these roles, he leads the implementation of the AgriEdge program, works with large corporate growers, and manages various processor integrations. In addition to these duties, Jeff is the lead resource around the Sustainability module and has helped implement multiple pilots throughout the country. Jeff also works extensively with Ag Connections’ Customer Relationship Management system.

    Jeff graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Computer Information Systems emphasis.  While at the University of Louisville, Jeff was named the Outstanding Graduate in Computer Information Systems. Jeff completed his Master of Business Administration from Murray State University in 2010.

    Having grown up on his family’s farm in central Kentucky, Jeff has a wide variety of agriculture experiences, ranging from livestock care to crop management.  Jeff also has previous experience with the traceability aspect of agriculture, having played a key role in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation at a food manufacturer.

  • John Potts

    John Potts - [Sales Representative]

    Office: 270-435-4369 ext. 238

    Cell Phone: 270-519-7149


    John Potts has been with Ag Connections since February, 2001. He currently serves as the Ag Connections Midwest Business Manager. In this role, he is responsible for communications and managing scouting solutions for horticultural crops within the AgriEdge program. His sales territory focuses mostly on horticultural and specialty crop areas throughout the United States and Mexico.

    John grew up on a farm in western Kentucky, growing tobacco and nursery stock for the family landscaping business. He graduated from Murray State University (’89) with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a minor in Business Administration. He received a Master of Science in Agronomy (‘92) from the University of Kentucky. The title of his thesis was “Tillage Rotation Effects on Soil Nitrogen, Soil Carbon, and Corn Yield”.

    Prior to working at Ag Connections, John worked in South Florida as a soil scientist at United States Sugar Corporation and a citrus horticulturalist at Southern Gardens Citrus. He was also an Agricultural Field Representative for Pictsweet Frozen Foods in Bells, TN and an Agent for Priority Watershed Management at the University of Kentucky.

  • Pete Clark

    Pete Clark - [Co-Owner/President]

    Office: 270-435-4369 ext. 223

    Cell Phone: 270-210-3428


    Pete Clark is a seasoned agribusiness professional with extensive experience in marketing, customer sales relationships, ROI sales approach, Agriculture G.I.S technologies, purchasing and contract negotiations. He has held crucial positions in several companies, including Vice President of Retail for Hutson’s Ag Service where he successfully oversaw the retail operations of 16 stores, as well as the Regional Manager of IMC Agribusiness Inc. In addition to his retail experience in the agricultural industry, Clark is highly knowledgeable in cropping practices, fertilizer, crop protection chemicals and application methods.

    In 1998, Pete Clark joined forces with Rick Murdock to form Ag Connections, Inc., a firm specializing in the development of software tools for growers, retailers and consultants to provide increased efficiency and compliance in the management of crop production. Since launching Ag Connections, Clark has helped grow the company from 3 employees to a team of 36 as well as establishing Ag Connection’s software and services as a powerful tool for crop management. The company has software clients in 45 states in the USA and Canada.

  • Rick Murdock

    Rick Murdock - [Co-Owner/Vice President]

    Office: 270-435-4369 ext. 224

    Cell Phone: 270-210-3429


    Rick Murdock is the Vice President and Co-owner of Ag Connections, a firm specializing in the development of software for crop production management and compliance. The company has software clients in 36 states in the USA as well as Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

    Rick has responsibilities for new market development and coordinates the software development teams at Ag Connections. Rick brings to Ag Connections a global lifetime experience in farming systems. From production agriculture, agricultural retail and agricultural manufacturing, these experiences helped to pull together the Ag Connections business model: Connecting Land, People and Technologies.

    Working with business partner Pete Clark, the two have put together a staff with a common passion in software development, sales and service. At Ag Connections we know that we connect to our customers by listening. We listen to understand needs and we serve by creating information technology solutions that meet those needs.

    Rick attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Soil Science.

  • Todd Hall

    Todd Hall - [Sales Representative]

    Office: 270-435-4369 ext. 225

    Cell Phone: 270-293-0723


    Todd Hall joined Ag Connections in January of 2007. Since then, he has transitioned from the Support team into the Sales team. Todd is currently serving as the project manager for the Greenstar display integration project. With this project, Todd consults with users of the GS2/GS3 Greenstar displays to identify areas for enhancement, and reports back to the development team. This approach allows for a custom-tailored product that increases accuracy of farm records, and relieves the customer of data-entry responsibilities.

    While attending Murray State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Systems Technology , he worked with an agricultural research and development operation that managed replicated corn, soybean, wheat, barley and canola test plots to provide agronomic information to the customer base. His position there included managing test plot protocols, planting and harvesting of research plots and presentation of research data to growers at field day events.

    Todd’s field experience and a passion for agriculture has proven to be a valuable asset in his day-to-day communication with customers across the U.S. Todd currently works with the AgriEdge program in southeast Missouri and north Alabama. While at Ag Connections, he has worked training and supporting Ag Connections software users on-site in 13 states. Todd feels that every day working with new technology and seeing different regions and farming practices is a very rewarding experience.

  • Will Ryan

    Will Ryan - [Sales Representative]

    Office: 270-435-4369 ext. 236

    Cell Phone: 270-210-2003


    Will Ryan has been a sales representative for Ag Connections since joining the company in May of 2003. Will graduated from Murray State University in the spring of 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems.  Since 2003, Will has worked closely with growers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, and Tennessee.

    Beyond his day-to-day sales duties, Will also serves as the Ag Connections SFC Business Manager. With this role, he is responsible for communications and managing Land.db integrations with the AgriEdge programs in the South. Will is also a member of the Land.db and Report teams. In all of these roles, he identifies and relays ideas and requests that target the needs of growers in the South.  Will is also the team leader for the eCotton project that provides growers with a way to import cotton yield records through eCotton web services into Land.db.

    For Will, the most rewarding element of working in Ag Connections is having the opportunity to work and create relationships with growers from all over the country, as well as helping them better manage crop production information.  Will feels blessed by the opportunity to have worked with an extensive array of growers and diversified crops: from vegetables and tobacco to cotton and grains.  With these experiences, Will is better able to serve and understand the needs of his customers.

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