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Ag Connection’s software products are engineered to simplify the management of crop production information. The data entered into the system can be used over and over again in reporting, in planning and can be shared with important business partners. From capital forecasting to compliance solutions, Ag Connections is constantly assessing the needs of the agriculture industry and responding with consistently improving software offerings.

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  • Products - Land.db


    Land.db is an innovative computer software that helps manage crop production records to meet the business needs of modern farming operations. This easy-to-use system provides production cost as well as production traceability.

  • Products - Land.db Viewer

    Land.db Viewer

    Land.db Viewer is a secure browser that allows you to view and control the sharing of your operation’s production information internally and externally. Ag Connections servers provide data backup and are the source of software updates, crop protection and seed lists.

  • AgCmobile

    AgC Mobile

    AgC Mobile allows users with an IPhone or iPad to access their database online and create application records. AgC mobile sends the record to the Land.EC server to be imported into Land.db. AgC Mobile can also be used through certain Mac and PC browsers to enter data, creating easy to use data entry options.

  • Products - Farm by Phone

    Farm by Phone

    Farm by Phone (FBP) allows you to report your crop production using your telephone. You dictate your data to us; we enter it for you, store it on our secure servers for you, and make it easy and safe for you to create reports and view it over the web.

  • Products - Map.db


    Map.db is a user-friendly field mapping application based upon the mapping components found in Land.db. Using aerial imagery, users can easily define field boundaries, annotate maps, and communicate with other GIS programs.

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