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Ag Connection’s software products are engineered to simplify the management of crop production information. The data entered into the system can be used over and over again in reporting, in planning and can be shared with important business partners. From capital forecasting to compliance solutions, Ag Connections is constantly assessing the needs of the agriculture industry and responding with consistently improving software offerings.

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Land.db Integration

  • Syngenta Agriedge

    Syngenta AgriEdge

    Ag Connections provides technology components for the Syngenta AgriEdge offers in the Syngenta Southern Field Crops business unit as well as the Syngenta Horticulture business unit. As an independent technology company Ag Connections is contracted to provide software products, software support and AgriEdge program validation. The Syngenta AgriEdge program delivers technology tools and support systems that make crop production information management easy.

  • GS2

    GS2/GS3 Controllers

    As an integrator through the John Deere EIC license, Ag Connections provides unique software integration solutions for moving data to and from the GS2 2600 and GS3 2630. The Ag Connections software Land.EC (Land Exchange Center) exports the client, farm, field, crop, field boundaries and products to the GS2/GS3 display. This integration simplifies GS2/GS3 operator experience, reduces display setup time, and increases the quality of documentation records through use of a controlled vocabulary of reference data. When application documentation on the display is complete, GS2/GS3 data is imported through Land.EC, reviewed for accuracy, and imported into Land.db

  • Avery

    Avery Weigh-Tronix

    Scale weights at the field level are paramount as far as yield documentation is concerned. Using actual harvest weights eliminates error introduced by yield monitor calibration issues. Ag Connections provides a simple data transfer integration for full data management with the Avery Weigh-Tronix 3060 grain cart weight indicator. Land.db export capabilities provide a turn-key solution for transferring important setup data to the scale indicator. A simple and intuitive interface allows for load management at the field level to track productivity and profitability.

  • eCotton


    In the Ag Connections Land.db software a user can associate cotton module information to the field. Once the cotton module is ginned, the grower can import the yield, quality and value information associated with the module through ECotton Web Services back into Land.db. This allows the user to have a complete yield, quality and income information associated back to the field.

  • Quickbooks


    Invoices can be entered into Land.db and exported through QuickBooks Web Services into QuickBooks Pro accounting software. This allows the user to have accurate inventory management in Land.db and not require double entry of the invoice into QuickBooks accounting.

  • FieldNET by Lindsay


    With the integration, growers can now electronically import all of their irrigation records, pivot run times, and chemigation and fertigation events from FieldNET into Land.db.

    Click here to download the FieldNET - Land.db integration presentation.

  • Future Integration Goals:

    1. To import irrigation events from irrigation control systems so that water usage reports can be generated and defined as a part of production costs.
    2. To integrate with processor /commodity receiving software systems, so the yield, quality and income can be associated back to the field production costs.
    3. To populate weather data from designated weather stations into application records that have defined start times and stop times.

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