Ag Connections will provide a Land.db 12 Cloud API (Application Programing Interface) that will allow users and their IT staff to pull or push data from the Land.db 12 cloud servers. The API will provide access to work orders, applications, invoices, inventory, products and fields. Each API integrator will be issued an API key so that the owner of the data source will have secure access to their data.

Ag Connections will not be building direct exports and imports to accounting software with the exception being QuickBooks. Ag Connections staff will provide initial introductions on how to work with the Land.db 12 Cloud API and Land.db data but will defer to the user hiring third-party development to implement their designs. The API will be REST based and will be capable of delivering JSON and XML formatted data.

The API user will be able to control the frequency of updates to their system, the format they wish to consume, and how much data they process at any given time. Ag Connections is not responsible for the performance of third party integrations. API access and documentation will be available when integrations are started.