Ag Connections develops and continuously updates crop management software solutions that make our clients’ lives easier and their farms more efficient and compliant. Our experienced crop management specialists help farmers get these systems up and running with a mix of on-site training, web-based training, video tutorials, and friendly, knowledgeable phone support. Put simply, we connect information management with the needs of producers. And those needs connect us back to what matters - you, our clients, and helping you feed the world.


Matt Crider - Software Developer

Matt Crider has been with Ag Connections since 2001, when he worked with us as a contractor, and since 2002 as a full time employee. Matt develops web applications and manages the development of the Land.db Viewer browser. The Land.db Viewer web systems allow our users to share data, using a process they control, with partners both inside and outside their business. This gives our customers powerful opportunities to add value to their crops and to interact with business partners in novel ways.

Prior to working with Ag Connections, Matt worked for Accela, a government services company, and Digital Jones, a company that later became part of Matt graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science in 1999.

Mack Harris - Software Developer

Mack Harris has been with Ag Connections since September 2004. As a software engineer, his primary focus is to develop mapping tools and components for Land.db, Ag Connections’ flagship product. He grew up in western Kentucky raising tobacco and row crops on the family farm. He graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business in the area of Computer Systems Management in 1980.

Prior to working at Ag Connections, Mack spent 19 years at LWD in Calvert City, Kentucky as a senior programmer/analyst and spent 5 years in consulting with Applied Computing Technology as a software project leader. The software he developed during that time dealt with hazardous waste incineration, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and electric power generation and distribution.

Mack’s many years of experience in industry and agriculture give him a solid foundation upon which to work with the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

Kody Myers - Software Developer

Kody Myers originally joined the Ag Connections team in October 2009 as a Customer Support Specialist, where he assisted users with a wide range of technical problems and questions. After spending nearly two years building a fundamental understanding of the many challenges that users face when interacting with modern agricultural software, Kody transitioned to a software development capacity where he now draws upon his experiences from the support team to help improve usability and further solidify the position of Ag Connections as a leader in agricultural information management.

Kody has been continuously developing and refining his technical expertise since he dove into the inner workings of his first personal computer in his early teens. He has been given the opportunity to exercise his skills in a variety of ways for several organizations throughout his career. Before joining Ag Connections, Kody most recently served as a Field Service Technician for NCR Corporation, where he installed and repaired point-of-sale register systems for retailers such as Wal-Mart and Lowe’s Home Improvement. He also configured and maintained ATM cash dispensers and bank teller terminals for various financial institutions.

Corey Perkins - Software Developer

Corey Perkins is a software engineer; he has been one of Ag Connections’ lead application developers since joining Ag Connections in 2004. Corey is an integral part of several teams at Ag Connections that work together to deliver desktop and web solutions to clients throughout the western hemisphere; he is also the “Gatekeeper” in charge of the stewardship of our data models.

On a daily basis Corey focuses on application design/implementation using the latest Microsoft .NET Framework, the latest Microsoft Visual Studio development environment, and other well-known, proven tools/frameworks. Corey takes great pride in staying on the bleeding edge of software development and thrives in his role as mentor to his fellow developers.

Corey received his Bachelor of Science in Business with concentration in Computer Information Systems from Murray State University in 2003.

Stuart Rhea - Software Developer

Stuart Rhea has been with Ag Connections since May 2007 as a software engineer. He graduated from Freed-Hardeman University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Computer Science in 1996 then went on to the University of Illinois-Urbana, earning a Master of Science in Physical Chemistry in 1999.

He is responsible for integration with field devices (controllers and displays), smartphones, telemetry systems, and other embedded devices. Stuart also works with precision agriculture data, implementing GIS functionality in Land.EC. The most recent developments allow data coming from GS2 / GS3 controllers to spatial apply crop record keeping applications to their appropriate fields in Land.db.

Prior to working with Ag Connections, Stuart worked as an embedded software engineer for a company that develops breath alcohol detection devices for commercial and law-enforcement markets.

Brandon Sharp - Software Developer

Brandon is a senior developer at Ag Connections responsible for system architecture and design. He has been with the company since graduating from Murray State University in 2002, and has helped to build and evolve the Land.db platform from its earliest versions. He specializes in distributed computing, data architecture, domain-driven design, usability, and client application development.

Developing clean easy to use interfaces for our products is always in mind as we do our best to make the task of entering information in Land.db a natural process. Brandon strives to stay knowledgeable of current and future trends in usability and interface design so that the products that we create continue to be visibly fresh and modern while keeping the end-user experience foremost in our design philosophy.

Mark Young - Software Developer

Mark Young has been with Ag Connections since 2009 as an integration and software developer. He develops special use software ranging from Land.db Mobile and Land.db Web to information fusion and data representation.

Mark has a diverse technical background including web applications and services, business rules engines, database design and management, financial statistics calculations, and even a neutron generator. This enables him to give Ag Connections’ clients flexible and feature-rich services which run on various devices and synchronize and cache their data in seconds while many companies are talking about developing similar technology.